How to use the GDK Loyalty App to get your free voucher that can be used at one of our Saturday giveaway events between now and the end of December 2018.

Step 1:

  • -  Click on registration and fill in your details.
  • -  It is important to use your correct email address and mobile number as you need to verify both before you receive your free kebab voucher.
  • -  Once you have filled in your details you will receive a code to your mobile number and an SMS to your mobile phone.
  • -  You must click on the link in your email and enter the 4 digit code received on your mobile in order to receive the free kebab voucher

Step 2:

  • -  Once you have completed your registration and validated your details by clicking on the link received in your email and inputting the 4 digit code received on your mobile, you are now ready to receive your voucher.
  • -  Your voucher will appear automatically within the rewards section of the app. If you do not see the voucher but you have already validated your details then logout and login again.
  • -  If you still have not received your voucher after logging out and in, then please go to step 3.

Step 3:

  • -  If you click on rewards and you see a message that tells you that you still need to validate your email or mobile number you can visit your profile and click on the red buttons at the bottom to re validate
  • -  If you have already validated your details then the red buttons will not show up

Please send any issues to we aim to respond within 48 working hours.

Free Kebab Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Promotion will run from the 1st of October to the 31st of December 2018.
  • 2. 1 Free Kebab per customer maximum.
  • 3. Customers must download and register for the GDK loyalty app to participate in this promotion.
  • 4. Customers must produce a valid digital voucher generated within the official German Doner Kebab loyalty app.
  • 5. Vouchers will automatically be inserted into customers loyalty app after successful confirmation of the customers email and mobile number.
  • 6. Only valid UAE mobile numbers can be used to register for our loyalty app.
  • 7. Free vouchers can only be redeemed at one of the below listed GDK events which happen between 3pm and 6pm.
  • 13/10/18 - Media City
  • 20/10/18 - Yass Mall
  • 27/10/18 - Mirdif
  • 3/11/18 - Motor City
  • 10/11/18 - Jumeirah and Al Ain
  • 17/11/18 - Khalidiyah
  • 24/11/18 - JLT
  • 1/12/18 - Tecom
  • 8/12/18 - Marina
  • 15/12/18 - Muneera
  • 22/12/18 - Dubai Mall
  • 29/12/18 - DAFZA